Tell Time in Words not Numbers


A Fine Wordclock is as much an individual art piece as a functional time piece. It tells time with words, not numbers. Handcrafted in our home workshop, the clock is carved from a solid block of sapele hardwood. Each one bears the unique grain of its particular piece of wood. This elegant and modern clock is the ideal one of a kind gift for a special person or a high quality addition to your own home decor.



A Natural Approach to Telling Time


Our latest wordclock design offers a natural approach to telling time. This design tells the exact time every 5 minutes. The two minutes before and after the exact time have an "ish" added to the time. So 3:25 is displayed as "Twenty Five Past Three" and 3:24 is displayed as "Twenty Five Past Three ish". The result is a clock that helps create an organic and playful atmosphere.


Our resident artist/engineer, Matt, originally developed wordclocks as gifts for close family and friends. We hope that this design will inspire conversation and also impress with its level of finish. This is not a hacked together DIY project. Nor is it a cold, factory produced metal and glass piece of electronics. This design is a limited edition. Only 100 of these units will be sold and a numbered certificate of authenticity is included with each order. Each clock is made to order, from our home to yours.


Meticulously Designed

Each wordclock is a marriage of art, design, and engineering, from start to finish. The artist hand selects the solid block sapele wood and mills out space for the electronics.


Precision Crafted

The artist carves out the letters and the space for the electronics and LED lights using a router. The face of the clock is carefully milled to a flush finish. 


Hand Assembled

Handcrafted with care, each word clock is made in our home workshop. Once it is tested, your fine word clock is ready to join you at your home, your office, or given as a special gift. 

How Does it Work?

Each of the 88 LEDs are controlled individually by a small, internet enabled micro-controller to spell out the time.

How is the Time Set?

This word clock connects to your wifi and gets the time from the internet. A button on the back of the clock allows you to set your timezone. Read the full directions.

How is the Color Set?

A button on the back of the clock toggles between all the color options. Read the full directions.

Where is it made?

Each of these word clocks is proudly made by Matthew Zimmerman in Rhode Island, USA. He designs, fabricates, and assembles them in his home workshop.

Technical Details

Size: approximately 9 inches x 9 inches x 1.5 inches
Power Requirements: 5vdc (ac power plug included)
Wifi: required