Meet Matthew Zimmerman, the artist behind  Fine Wordclocks.

Meet Matthew Zimmerman, the artist behind Fine Wordclocks.

My name is Matthew and I’m the artist behind I am an engineer, musician, tinkerer, husband and father. One pastime I enjoy is finding elegant solutions to interesting problems, which I often discover at the intersection of art and technology. 

I was inspired to make my first word clock after stumbling upon a DIY design on a makers website ( I really liked the idea of a wordclock but felt that the designs I found online were too DIY or too modern metal and sterile. I wanted a design that was both elegantly styled and with a professional finish.

My first word clock was given as a present to my parents and it still hangs in their home today. I made more clocks similar to that first design which I also gave out as gifts to friends and family. Later, I developed a simplified design that I donated to AS220, my local Providence artist group, where I periodically teach a word clock making workshop (

After a few years of producing word clocks for gifts and fun, I developed this latest word clock. It utilizes a combination of fine craftsmanship and clever electronics to produce a one of a kind piece of practical art. I’m proud of the fit and finish of my wordclocks and want to share them with people who want more than just a utilitarian tool. I hope that these unique, hand-made pieces will provide hours of enjoyment to their owners.